Get into your Head

The landscape of what actors and creatives can do has completely shifted in the last few years. The barrier to entry has been democratized. We no longer have to get permission by a faceless person to deem whether the ideas we have are worth merit. Now, there isn’t an invisible middleman between the artist and the customer. It’s so exciting to bring those things that I love to talk about to you directly. 

Since i first was exposed to one of the most amazing beverages in my teens I have always loved to experiment with different ways and concoctions and methods to make this fantastic drink. After a bit of formal training on how to work with this magnificent bean, my interest moved into knowing more about the sourcing and purity of handcrafting a delicious cuppa coffee. 

Mixed with my love of storytelling, first as an actor and then as a writer, I found myself with a cup of coffee in hand 80-90% of the time. Whether that was reading a great script or writing a clunky draft of my own, coffee was the one thing that would help push the pages out or get me to that last page in tome. 


This is where the initial thoughts of a podcast started to germinate. 

Stories and coffee change the world, daily. 

I want to know more about those that make great stories and great coffee. What inspires them, pushes them, and hones their craft. 

Coffee brings people together and my hope for the podcast is that it celebrates fantastic people making even more fantastic creations for us to consume. 

So, through the fantastic app ANCHOR, I’m making the first few episodes of TROUBLEMAKERS where I’ll explore coffee, screenwriting, and creativity. 

I hope you subscribe and share.